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The Proposition 3, by H.M Ward

For inquiries about release dates: H.M. Ward never sets release dates for her serials. She usually gives us fans a general idea of when a book will be released a week or so prior to it's release on her Facebook page. A good clue is when she opens up ARC requests on her Facebook page. Normally, once the ARC requests open up, you can expect the book to be released a week or 2 later, but this is very variable.

According to a comment made by the author on her Facebook page, "The Proposition 3" should be available for purchase as of Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 around midnight.

The Proposition 3: The Ferro Family (The Proposition, #3)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emotional, Intense and Oh So Sexy! A great choice if you're looking to read a series from an author capable of delivering great quality material consistently.

The Proposition 3... book 3 of 5. The middle book. Normally a middle of the series book is where everything goes wrong for the main characters and all hope is lost. That would be true for The Proposition 3 except that things have being going wrong for ALL the characters since the very first book. This is a very dramatic series with a lot of intense and emotional aspects to it. Consistently fantastic, H.M. Ward delivers yet another book that reaches into you and grabs hold of your feelings. When you have physical reactions to a book (shivers, heart beating faster, lump in the throat), you know you're reading something great. To be read in one sitting, but then again, the story is so gripping, never stopping, that you wouldn't be able to find a good place to put it down anyway. It took me about 2.5 hours to read it.

This book has nice a mix of action, intrigue, humour, drama, romance, bondage erotica, happiness, sorrow, violence, drugs, prostitution & blackmail... Oh, and lots of gorgeous Ferro men too! The Proposition is meant to be read as a whole series. You must start with number 1 and work your way up to number 5.

Characters: I love all of H.M. Ward's characters and I love the way she has them evolve so brilliantly, for better of for worse. What surprised me in number 3, was how Maggie (a secondary character) became so important in the storyline. I love Maggie and was glad to see a lot more of her.

This is a Ferro Family series about Bryan Ferro (the Ferro cousin). Other Ferro Family titles are Damaged (Peter Ferro) & Stripped (Jonathan Ferro) and The Arrangement (Sean Ferro). You don't have to read the other Ferro Family books if you want to get into The Proposition but if you like H.M. Ward's books, you may want to read all of them. The Ferro Family books are contemporary "new adult" romance stories involving characters mostly in their 20's (college aged women & slightly older men).

Reading order: Although each series is stand alone & can be read in any order, if you are planning on reading all of the Ferro Family books, I recommend reading them in the order they were published to avoid any spoilers from one series to the next since they cross-over at multiple points in the timeline.

Books in order of publication date: 
The Arrangement 1-4
Damaged 1
The Arrangement 5-7
Damaged 2
The Arrangement 8-9
The Arrangement 10-11
The Proposition 1
The Arrangement 12
The Proposition 2
The Arrangement 13-14
The Proposition 3

H.M. Ward's serials:
Serials are shorter books (approximately 130 pages in print: 1/4 to 1/3 of a full-length novel) that come out more frequently than full-length novels (about 1 per month). They start off abruptly from where the previous book ended and end with a cliffhanger,  often leaving the reader begging for the next volume. Being shorter books, serials don't recap events that occur in previous volumes, so it's best to start off with book 1. I read at an average speed and each volume takes me about 1 to 2 hours to read.

Ferro Family Tree:

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