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Blog Tour: Scared to Death, by C.S. Latu

Title: Scared To Death
Author: CS Latu
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9. 2014

You don't always get a choice in life. You can't control who dies. You can't control who you love and you can't stop change. But you can make a mess of it. 

For Ruby Green, life is about loss. Everyone she has ever loved has died, save one. Her best friend from childhood. He has always been her saving grace. When things change between them, Ruby finds herself lost in a maelstrom of emotions. She's not ready to lose him in order to have him. 

Noah Carrington believes in living. Even if the road is dark, the fear makes you feel alive. Life is too short and regret is a wound that festers. He always saw his best friend, Ruby, in his future, she would be just around the corner in the next room until he started seeing her in his arms.

They both know that being scared to death means you have something to lose. The question is, will they learn that it means you have something to gain too?

My review and rating: 5 of 5 stars

Scared To Death by C.S. Latu is a standalone contemporary romance (new adult) novel about Ruby and Noah, best friends since childhood, who have to deal with issues of confusion, misunderstanding and fear of loss when lust and physical attraction start to weave their way into their friendship. Psychological and emotional issues take their toll as we witness the characters evolve through their young adult lives. You can't help but root for them throughout the story. It's one of those deep seated friendships that you don't want to see end.

I stayed up way too late one night while reading Scared To Death because I just HAD to know what was going to happen next. That feeling of not wanting to put the book down hadn't happened to me in a while. I loved the friendship between the 2 main characters. The secondary characters are loveable and the last chapter gives off the impression that one of them might end up with his own novel. 

The eccentric backdrop to this story is unusual and refreshing. Noah is into the art of the macabre, with a passion for making frightful masks and costumes and a good part of the story unfolds in an old house that is home to a wax museum.

Ruby is a very smart young woman and Noah is extremely sexy and sweet. This being said, you do, at one time or another want to slap both of them in the back of the head (but I love them nonetheless!).

A really smart, emotional, quirky, sexy, sad-but-happy book with a good balance of lightheartedness and drama, with unconventional characters that stand out from your traditional romance novel. I love the way C.S. Latu brings her story to life. Very well written.

Technical info: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance. Contains mature content (language, violence and descriptive sexuality). Told alternately from Ruby and Noah's point of view. Characters in their 20's.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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About The Author

I was born on a cold day in January. They said I was the only baby in the hospital. They also said that I picked my head up twice to turn away from people who came to see me after I was born (Who wants strangers looking at you after such a life altering event while you are naked?). Not much has changed. That cold day was 30 years ago in South Carolina. Needless to say, I got the twang! At the ripe age of 22, I married my man bear pig hubby who happens to be from Chicago. I learned that there are people who do not have accents, who sound like they have accents because they don't have accents. Mind blowing there. Our love story is pretty nifty. I met him online when I was 15 and chatted with him for four years, on and off as friends, until we met and I showed him some southern charm and BAM! Here we are ten years later with eight years of marriage and several fur persons rounding out the family thus far! My writing started as a child when I tried to write about three pewter statues of wizards coming to life. Books and words have always been a passion for me. My mind is incredibly random, if you talk to me for more than ten minutes, it becomes painfully obvious. I draw inspiration from absolutely anything and everything I come in contact with, with particular emphasis on music, pictures and the crazy situations in life. It is my hope one day to have a small hot air balloon tied to my chimney so I can write by starlight. I am pretty sure I would find that most inspiring.

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