Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Breathe, by Tamara Mataya

My review:

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Just BreatheJust Breathe was a nice, okay, new adult romance. There was a nice flow to the story and the quality of the writing was good (but not outstanding), which is a make-or-break criteria for me these days (there are too many badly written books out there these days). The characters (main and secondary) were fun and well described, each with their own distinct personalities. I'm not used to reading about drug using characters so it took a little adapting on my part but other than that, the characters were very relatable.

The romance was very sweet, which is always a plus. There's nothing too far fetched, making this a realistic story about rebounding from a broken heart and learning to let yourself trust and love again.

Although this book didn't blow me over, it provided me with a couple hours of entertainment

I will probably be picking up more books from Tamara Mataya based on her writing style.

My rating criteria:
- Did I finish the book? Yes
- Did I have unsurmountable issues with any aspects of the story? No
- Did it have romance/love story? Yes
- Did I like the writing style? Yes
- Did I read it in one sitting, unable to put it down? No
- Did I skip any parts? No
- Did I cry/laugh/scream/cringe/swoon? No
- Am I going to read it again? No


Twenty-one-year-old Elle Granger’s boyfriend broke up with her like a coward. He moved to another city without so much as a kiss goodbye. Devastated and embarrassed, Elle told her friends the break-up was mutual and hid her heartache working long hours at the library. By night, she self medicated with pot. Weeks later, with her heart and lungs screaming for a break, Elle quits smoking and turns to her friends. But before she can let them in on Jason’s betrayal, her best friend moves to Spain, and her roommates start acting strangely. 

Enter sexy library patron Dominic, who sweeps Elle off her feet and into his Maserati. He makes her feel oh so good, and puts effort into coming up with dates that don’t set off her Synaesthesia. Just when Elle starts feeling whole again, Jason returns, determined to reunite. Elle rejects his effusive apologies and reasons for leaving – until she catches Dominic in a devastating lie. 

Will his betrayal push her back into her suddenly attentive ex’s arms? Can she trust Jason not to break her heart again? The wrong choice and Elle’s happy ending could go up in smoke. But when your only choices are the devils you know, all you can do is JUST BREATHE.

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