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The Arrangement 13, by H.M. Ward

The Arrangement 13: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement, #13)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My review:
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review: PURE GENIUS! Torture, but genius nonetheless!

My emotions are so jumbled right now. H.M. Ward has a way of playing with our emotional heartstrings and then, out of the blue, completely rips them out, stomps on them and leaves us begging for more. Yup! She did it again! I'm such a mental mess and I want MORE! Luckily for us Ferro addicts, this is not the last book.

The Arrangement 13 starts off intense. "As usual" you say? Well no. This time she starts off from Sean's point of view. A first in The Arrangement series. And what a delight it is to finally see the inner workings of this "Crazy-ass to the second power. Completely bat shit crazy. Cray cray" man (quote from The Arrangement 6). The rhythm, as told from Sean's point of view, is so very frantic, it's wonderful! We also get to see more of the darker version of Sean Ferro. This volume is frantic, sad, dark, erotic, suspenseful, frustrating & I LOVE IT!

More crossovers are included, adding information relevant to upcoming books in other series. If you've read all of H.M Ward's books, you'll be able to spot subtle details in what the crossover characters do and say. Of course, there are a lot of LOL, quirky comments from Avery. I love Avery. She cracks me up! She says the most unexpected things.

Now, the ending (NO SPOILERS, I PROMISE!). We have come to expect the unexpected with H.M Ward but THIS? Kudos H.M. Ward! I don't know how you do it but you stump everyone, every time. I cried, I cringed, I screamed... I'm usually a patient person but not this time: I NEED THE ARRANGEMENT 14 NOW! I read at an average speed and it took me 1.5 hours to read it. Explicit sex.

Official synopsis:
***Warning Sexual Content***
Dark. Sexy. Epic. 'I can't lose her.' Those are the words that haunt me, the phrase that repeats in an endless loop in my mind. Images from my past collide with the present until I can no longer tell them apart. I try to hold onto what's real--hold onto her--Avery, but death is looming and it seems that no matter what I do, I can't save her.

The Arrangement series
This is a love story between Sean Ferro, a sexy, powerful & slightly deranged multi-millionaire with a tormented past and Avery Stanz, a college student who resorts to being a call girl in order to survive against all odds. It is fan driven series which means that H.M. Ward listens to what her fans want or expect and writes according to their input, often stumping them to avoid predictability. As long as her fans want more, she gives us more. It’s an interactive experience like no other. For new “Arrangement” readers: don’t let the number of volumes discourage you. They read really fast and they are ADDICTIVE! (see section on "H.M. Ward's serials for more info on the format).

The Ferro Family:
This is a Ferro Family series about Sean Ferro. Other Ferro Family titles are Damaged (Peter Ferro) & Stripped (Jonathan Ferro) and The Proposition (Bryan Ferro, aka the Ferro cousin). You don't have to read the other Ferro Family books if you want to get into The Arrangement but if you like H.M. Ward's books, you may want to read all of them. Reading order: If you are planning on reading all of the Ferro Family books, I recommend reading them in the order they were published (starting with The Arrangement 1) to avoid any spoilers from one series to the next since they cross-over at multiple points in the timeline. The Ferro Family books are contemporary "new adult" romance stories involving characters mostly in their 20's (college aged women & slightly older men).

H.M. Ward's serials:
Serials are shorter books (approximately 130 pages in print: 1/4 to 1/3 of a full-length novel) that come out more frequently than full-length novels (about 1 per month). They start off abruptly from where the previous book ended and end with a cliffhanger,  often leaving the reader begging for the next volume. Being shorter books, serials don't recap events that occur in previous volumes, so it's best to start off with book 1. I read at an average speed and each volume takes me about 1 to 2 hours to read.

Video Teaser:
It's finally here! THE ARRANGEMENT VIDEO TEASER. **Do NOT watch it if you aren't totally obsessed, b/c you will be.** This is so awesome, you're gonna die. Share with everyone and encourage your friends to share too... the powers that be (tv executives) are watching. If you want a Ferro show badly enough, it'll come to be. Without out further adieu... THE ARRANGEMENT video teaser.

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