Friday, February 14, 2014

Revenge, by J.J. Knight

*** Edit to my original review: I don't like blogging about average to bad reviews but since I have already posted reviews for the 2 first books, I feel it's my responsibility as a reviewer to let the potential reader know what to expect for the remainder of the series. I have finished the series of 5 volumes. Although I gave 4 star ratings to volumes 1 and 2, it was not the case for volumes 3 - 5, unfortunately. I had really high hopes for this series, as it started off strong but the quality of the writing, character evolution and storyline lacked as the series progressed. It almost felt rushed, as if the author was writing on a deadline to get the books out at a faster rate. I, for one, prefer waiting just a little bit longer in order to have better quality content. As for the main characters, Dylan remained a very interesting character to read about but Jess was harder for me to like. Her character evolved only in the last part of the last book. ***

I received an ARC (advanced reading copy) from the author in exchange of an honest review:


Jess moves to LA for her dream job as a music intern. On her first day, she bumps into Dylan busking on a street corner. Dylan Wolf has a gritty voice. His eyes are soulful. His incredible body is to die for, tattoos and all. When Dylan looks at Jess, she feels emotions she's never had before. He can be sweet, but his dark moods scare her. When he sings, the whole world falls away. Jess and Dylan's meeting hasn't gone unnoticed. At her job, Jess is summoned to the mysterious ninth floor. Her new assignment is to get close to Dylan. By seducing him. Jess is shocked. She's an innocent girl. Selling her body would be immoral. It would be wrong. But strange things are happening at the company. No matter which decision she makes, she might be in danger. One thing is for sure: If she takes this assignment, Jess will never be the same.

My review:

Revenge (Revenge, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a very good start to what seems to be a promising romantic series of novellas (approx. 110 print pages each). The premise of the story is good : Farmgirl moves to LA to start a career in the music industry and meets a gorgeous aspiring musician. By the end of book 1, we don't know yet why the series is called "Revenge" but we get the feeling that Dylan has more going on than just the regular "aspiring artist" mojo. He seems to have a mysterious darker side to him (don't they all? LOL!). Most of the book stood at a 4 star rating, as it introduced the various characters and set the scene for the upcoming plot and built up the attraction between the 2 main characters. Good quality writing & an entertaining storyline kept it at 4 stars throughout the book but once I got to the last chapter, I fell into the story, hook, line & sinker and now I can't wait to get into book 2!

Told in the first person, from Jess' point of view. Book 1 of 5 novellas in the contemporary romance genre. All 5 books are scheduled to be released by the end of March 2014. As for the extent of sexual content, it's hard to tell from book 1 since there is none... yet? It took me 2.5 hours to read it.

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