Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Demon Kissed, by H.M Ward

Demon Kissed (Demon Kissed, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picture this, on your 17th birthday, not only are you mourning the anniversary of a tragic loss but you're new potential boyfriend tries to kill you by sucking out your soul & you then find out that you are, according to some religious prophecy, the person who will supposedly be responsible for the apocalypse. Yeah, that's how this story starts. Needless to say, Ivy's life is far from being all butterflies and roses. This is a young adult paranormal story but it has nothing glittery nor sparkly about it. It is dark, dramatic & tragic. If you are tired of fluffy & predictable "Happily Ever After", this is the book for you.

H.M. Ward has a knack for description, wether it be characters, places, events, emotions. Every little detail is palpable. The characters, main and secondary are very well described & have very distinctive personalities. You either love them or you love to hate them. As for the romance, it is typical for H.M. Ward to leave her readers anticipating more, leaving us on the edge. Nothing is ever given away, not even a kiss... the reader must wait, linger and anticipate just a bit more... always a bit more. Due to it's dark and tragic nature, I find myself having to read lighter books in between "Demon Kissed" books to lighten up my mood. They are fantastic books, just very dark.

Demon Kissed is book 1 of a total of 8 books (6 novels and 2 novellas) within H.M. Ward's world of Martis (angel warriors) & Valefar (demon minions) & an apocalyptic prophecy. This book is written from Ivy's point of view. I read at an average speed and it took me close to 10 hours to read it. This book is safe for teens, as it contains NO sexual content but there is violence and occasional course language.

Finding your way around the books in this series:
- Books 1-5 (Demon Kissed, Cursed, Torn, Satan's Stone & The 13th Prophecy) are about Ivy's story, told from her point of view. Every book in this series ends in a cliffhanger so you'll want to read them all to find out what happens.
- Valefar 1 & 2 are novellas from Collin Smith's point of view. They are add-ons to the original Demon Kissed novels
- Assassin, Fall of the Golden Valefar, is a book that comes after the events of books 1-5. They are told from Eric and Natalia's point of view. Assassin can be read independently from the other Demon Kissed novels since the backstory leading up to the events of Assassin are well described. However, if you are planning on reading Demon Kissed 1-5, I suggest you do so before reading Assassin to avoid any spoilers. Warning: Assassin ends in a cliffhanger but the sequel isn't out yet and the author hasn't mentioned if the conclusion to Eric's story will come anytime soon (she has multiple ongoing projects).

Author's description:
Seventeenth birthdays aren't supposed to suck, but mine does. Literally. Before I know what's happened a guy knocks me to the ground and tries to suck out my soul. With a kiss. That's all it takes with his kind. This next part is embarrassing--I thought this guy was my boyfriend. Screw that, I thought he was human, but those creepy, blood red eyes suggest I was mistaken. This is it, the end of my sucktacularly short life--killed by a creature that's half vampire, half demon, and smokin' hot. Killed by a kiss. It sounds poetic until it happens to you. The world fades to black, but just as I accept my fate, someone saves me. At least I think he saved me, because I'm still alive. It isn't until much later that I learn what really happened and exactly what it cost me.

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