Monday, January 27, 2014

Blue Ice, by Carolina Soto

Blue Ice (Ice # 1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book opening sentence: "This is not a love story"...
... and you soon realize why. Katherine is a young, headstrong, stubborn, workaholic, fashionista 25 year old woman living in NY. Dylan is a gorgeous, 28 year old arrogant Forbes billionaire business mogul who can't stand being told "No". Dylan is infatuated with Katie, who is left wondering if she is just a challenge for him to conquer. This is a fun collision of clashing personalities where sparks fly & no one seems to want to give in. This is book 1 of 2 so it ends in an intense cliffhanger.

Katie impressed me by holding her own & saying "No" to Dylan repeatedly. She sees past his beauty & recognizes his arrogance, which is far from pretty, at first. My 1st impression of Dylan: What an ass! What gives him the right to take over anyone's life? Dylan has slight Christian Grey-ish characteristics at times (minus the dom/sub fetish) but he's not a carbon-copy so it's all good. This is NOT a dom/sub story.

Keeping it real / steering through stereotypes:
I enjoy how Soto steers her way through unrealistic romance novel stereotypes by bringing more realism through Katie's thoughts & comments. Katie tries so hard to keep it real. The romance develops at a more realistic rate than what we are used to in romance novels. This is refreshing. There is a perfect balance of story vs sexual content (not too little, not too much). I appreciate that not every single sexual encounter is described in detail. Sometimes, leaving it up to the reader's imagination is good too! There's a gradual buildup to the story & when it hits it's crescendo... well, I'll leave that up to you to find out!

Technical stuff:
Narrated from Katie's POV. Tags & genres: Contemporary, romance, adult, fashion. Explicit sexual content. This is Carolina Soto's first work of fiction. It took me 8 hours to read this book.

Author's description:
Everyone tells little girls to be themselves around boys, but let’s face it, that’s simply the worst piece of advice ever. What if “yourself” is not exactly an appealing woman? Katherine Bianchi was raised to be herself, a smart, posh, stylish girl from New York City; the problem is that “herself” also included eating like a truck driver and cursing like a sailor, with a genetic inability to take bullshit from anyone. Not necessarily an appealing description in her pretentious environment.  That’s why, at 25, she was predestinated to live a crazy cat lady life, or to be the overachiever workaholic she had become since college. But her perfect life plans got messed up when she met Dylan Berkeley, a handsome billionaire, owner of BKY Enterprises, who never learned the meaning of the word NO. With a Ben & Jerry’s lifestyle (lots of options, exciting flavors, and never repeating a scoop), Berkeley wasn’t intimidated by Katherine’s “ice heart bitch” reputation; the challenge of having her became a personal task he couldn’t forget. How to avoid a NO from a girl who has never said YES for an answer?  Mature audiences +18

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