Friday, April 3, 2015

Beautiful Beloved, by Christina Lauren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another wonderfully funny and sexy Christina Lauren read in the "Beautiful" series. Although I prefer by far their full length novels, each novella is an extra little treat in between, to get more, more, MORE! So for this, I say THANK YOU! 

As expected, tons of funny, tons of sexy and and tons of dirty talk. Love the manly discussions between Max, Will, Bennett and now, Niall too! The women are always clever and sassy and the men are beautifully crude. The life and times of Max and Sara post child birth and the all too real struggle of not losing the couple amidst parenthood. I really enjoyed revisiting my Beautiful Stranger, Max Stella, my very first Beautiful that made me fall in love with the writing duo of Christina Lauren!

Reading "Beautiful Stranger" is the minimum requirement to better understand this volume. 

The reading order for the entire "Beautiful" series is as follows:
- Beautiful Bastard (Chloe and Bennett: novel)
- Beautiful Stranger (Max and Sara: novel)
- Beautiful Bitch (Chloe and Bennett: novella)
- Beautiful Bombshell (Chloe, Bennett, Max and Sara: novella)
- Beautiful Player (Will and Hannah: novel)
- Beautiful Beginning (Chloe and Bennett: novella)
- Beautiful Beloved (Max and Sara: novella)
... coming April 14th 2015: Beautiful Secret (Niall and Ruby: novel)

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