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The Arrangement 18, by H.M. Ward

The Arrangement 18 (The Ferro Family)My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THE ARRANGEMENT IS A PHENOMENON - Volume 18 and I still don't want it to end!

It's official. I don't want this series to end... EVER! I love coming back to Avery and Sean. It's like catching up with long lost friends. I have to keep reminding myself that these are fictional characters and not real people.

They are so completely, perfectly messed up and so perfect for each other, it's beautiful! And I want Avery to be my BFF! That chick is so cool!

Volume 18: Oh wow! Romantic, heartfelt, funny, steamy and still very mysterious. Sean left me breathless (and many times I have wanted to nad-punch Sean in the past... I actually wanted to cuddle him in this one! Do I have a Sean crush going on? Me???) What started out as a love story between an impoverished call-girl and a multi-billionaire with sexual deviant tendencies, has now turned into a multi-faceted "who-dunnit" with so many unexpected turns that all you can do is sit and wait to see how the story unfolds. You can't even hope to guess right. H.M. Ward will stump you every time.

Shout out and kudos to my favorite author, H.M. Ward, who ALWAYS has me begging for more! YOU ROCK! <3

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About the Ferro family:
There are multiple series set within the Ferro family world: The Arrangement (Sean Ferro), Damaged and Life Before Damaged (Peter Ferro Granz), Stripped (Jonathan Ferro), The Proposition (Bryan Ferro), The Wedding Contract (Nick Ferro) and Secrets and Lies (mystery Ferro). Each Ferro family story is made to be read on it's own but if you like H.M. Ward's books, you may want to read all of them (see note on suggested reading order below). The Ferro Family books are contemporary "new adult" romance stories involving characters mostly in their 20's, all have sexual content, some are more explicit than others.

Suggested reading order:

Each series is stand alone & can be read in any order. However, if you are planning on reading all of the Ferro Family books, I recommend reading them in the order suggested below to avoid any confusion or spoilers from one series to the next. For the ultimate Ferro fan, I have also included stories that are related to the Ferro family saga (Scandalous: the main male character is mentioned in Stripped; The Secret Life of Trystan Scott: Trystan and Mari make appearances in various Ferro books and Trystan becomes an important character in The Arrangement plot at some point, Second Chances: there's a small Ferro cameo in one chapter).

Suggested (Ferro) reading order:

The Arrangement 1 - 6 (Sean Ferro)
Damaged 1 & 2 (Peter Ferro Granz)
* The Secret Life of Trystan Scott 1 - 5 (not Ferro; see note)
The Arrangement 7 - 11 (Sean Ferro)
* Scandalous 1 & 2 (not Ferro; see note)
Stripped (Jonathan Ferro)
The Proposition 1 - 4 (Bryan Ferro)
The Arrangement 12 - 14 (Sean Ferro)
The Proposition 5 (Bryan Ferro)
The Arrangement 15 -17 (Sean Ferro)
The Wedding Contract (Nick Ferro)
Secrets and Lies 1 - 2 (mystery Ferro)
* Second Chances (not Ferro: see note)
Life Before Damaged 1 - 5 (Pete Ferro)
The Arrangement 18 (Sean Ferro)

* books are not Ferro Family but have been threaded into the story

About H.M. Ward's serials:
Serials are shorter books (1/4 to 1/3 of a full-length novel). They start off abruptly from where the previous book ended and end with a cliffhanger. Being shorter books, serials don't recap events that occur in previous volumes, so it's best to start off with book 1. I read at an average speed and each volume takes me about 1 to 2 hours to read.

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