Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweet Filthy Boy, by Christina Lauren

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Book 1 in the Wild Seasons series BUT IT IS A STAND ALONE STORY. This is one of the things that I love about Christina Lauren's novels. Even if they are part of a series, they are also stand alone, focusing on a single couple within a group of friends that you follow from one book to the next, as secondary characters. Wild Seasons introduces a whole new set of friends, although CL have been hinting that the gang from the Beautifuls will cross over into this series at some point. 

Sweet Filthy Boy is another wonderful read by Christina Lauren! Two words: Ballet and Paris!

There are so many reasons to read and love and swoon along with Mia and Ansel! True to their form, Christina Lauren pack this novel with everything I love in a romance novel: laughs, good friends, hot sexy loving, smart characters, sweet and tender loving moments, relatable situations (the airplane ride... just that alone... I can't even!). Ansel is so different from what I was expecting and he surpassed my expectations. He is filthy but he is SO SWEET!!!!! This just goes to prove once more that you don't have to be alpha to be sexy (Max, Will and Ansel all the way!).

Another reason to love Christina Lauren: EVERY BOOK IS DIFFERENT! Every single C.L. book has it's unique feel and flavour and all the characters are different. In a time where romance novels and authors are coming out of the woodwork everywhere, I find that many authors cling to one form of character and story line, just changing the names from one book to the next, making it feel like you're reading the same book over and over again. Not Christina Lauren. They come up with new and interesting situations and scenarios and themes every time! Kudos!

Oh, and the French is spot on this time!

(why the 0.5 deduction? Simply because I found it easier to put the book down this time around... no sleepless nights, no messy house, no frozen pizza for 5 meals in a row because I was too busy reading, no arriving late at work because I just had to read another page... other than that, I loved it!)

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