Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Arrangement Instant Video series Kickstarter project, by H.M. Ward

H.M. Ward's Kickstarter project is now live. The Kickstarter is to crowdsource fund her "The Arrangement" series of books into Instant Video. Almost a year after the launch of the petition, she has decided crowd source fund her project to "control everything from the script to the director". The goal is to raise $2 119 000 by October 22nd 2014 to the get the project underway. 

As an incentive to get people to donate money to this project, H.M. Ward has come up with exciting rewards such as AN EXCLUSIVE BOOK FROM SEAN FERRO'S POINT OF VIEW (only available through the Kickstarter project) and the possibility to be a on the set either as an observer or as part of the cast (as an extra or as a one-line actor).

Link to H.M. Ward's Kickstarter project to bring "The Arrangement" to video:

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