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The Proposition, by H.M. Ward

For inquiries about release dates: H.M. Ward never sets release dates for her serials. She usually gives us fans a general idea of when a book will be released a week or so prior to it's release on her Facebook page. A good clue is when she opens up ARC requests on her Facebook page. Normally, once the ARC requests open up, you can expect the book to be released a week or 2 later, but this is very variable.

ARC review for The Proposition 2 (scroll down to see review for book 1)

The Proposition 2: The Ferro Family (The Proposition, #2)The Proposition 2: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Somber love story about grief, despair, blackmail & deep, deep physical attraction

Hot and intense! Once again, I must catch my breath. “Bryan Ferro, the heartless” is such a mystery. Sometimes affectionate & loving, sometimes ruthless & calculating, sometimes just nutball crazy. Poor Hallie is desperately struggling between what her head, heart & lady parts want. Emphasis is put on a strong storyline and amazing character description (Maggie, the best friend, is such an amazingly strong secondary character). Tons of information is handed out in this book that make you wonder about so many things. The story could go in so many directions! As with all H.M. Ward serials, the ending is totally unexpected and you wonder how the characters are going to handle the sudden turn of events. There is a sexually explicit scene that adds just the right amount of sensuality to the story. Oh, yes, and we must not forget the comical animal interludes we have come to love and expect in an H.M. Ward book as well as character cross-overs (we get to see a little bit of Jonathan Ferro & there is mention of Trystan Scott)! I laughed out loud during my read, even though the book is mostly dark and sad. So many emotions in so little time!

The Proposition is a series of 5 serials. This is a Ferro Family series about Bryan Ferro (aka the Ferro cousin). Other Ferro Family titles are The Arrangement (Sean Ferro), Damaged (Peter Ferro) & Stripped (Jonathan Ferro). You don't have to read the other Ferro Family books to appreciate & understand The Proposition but if you like H.M. Ward's books, you may want to read all of them. Reading order: I highly recommend reading the Ferro Family books in the order they were published (starting with The Arrangement 1) to avoid any spoilers from one series to the next since they cross-over at multiple points in the timeline. The Ferro Family books are contemporary "new adult" romance stories involving characters mostly in their 20's (college aged women & slightly older men).

On H.M. Ward's serials: Serials are shorter books (1/4 to 1/3 of a full length novel) that come out more frequently than full-length novels (about 1 per month). They tend to start off abruptly from where the previous book ended and end with a surprising cliffhanger. Being shorter books, serials don't recap events that occured in previous volumes, so it's highly recommended to start off with book 1. I am a moderately slow reader and each volume takes me about 2 hours to read.

Here are my reviews for each individual volume:

The Proposition: The Ferro Family (The Proposition, #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With H.M. Ward, learn to expect the unexepected! Emotions & passion run wild!

Wow. Just, wow! I am trying to find words to describe this intense book and I am lacking for words (which is quite unsual for me). Let me catch my breath...

Right from the start, you are thrown into an extremely sad story and can't help but feel the sorrow that Hallie is going through. As soon as things start looking a little brighter, Bryan Ferro shows up and, "kablooey", everything gets shot to hell. Bryan is a wonderfully sexy & nutso character and by the end of this book you want to know what's going on in his messed-up mind. This series promises to be hot, sexy and twisted! H.M. Ward has a talent for description, bringing every little detail to life. As with all of her serials, this book ends in the middle of an unresolved situation, leaving the reader hanging, wanting to read the next volume asap.

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